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About Us

Our company was built on a commitment to superior products and quality customer service and we continue to maintain that standard. Our company profiling is as follows:

Mark Hammond is the President. Mark has been a successful entrepreneur in the past and owned his own mortgage company at a young age.  Through his passion for family and the outdoors, he has extrapolated those financial skills and natural values into a competitive plant brokerage organization.  His eye for detail, finance savvy, and superior attitude to customer service, and rewards for confidence, is a testimony to the character of MH Agricultural. Family, environment, and customer ideals are paramount in the mission of his plant brokerage firm.

Cody Raines has been regarded as an absolute impeccable customer service agent.  Her ability to handle multiple tasks is an important trait of great vision and dedication.  As she delivers and does not mislead, you can count on her experience for quality control always.  Her experience with major retail chains, UPC coding, tagging, and deliveries is a rare combination worthy of commendation.  Cody is, and has always been, about family and environment and doing what is right for community improvement and your bottom line.  Her glow of character is, indeed, an unforgettable experience when you meet her.

Jeff Davis is one of the most enigmatic characters in the green industry that you will ever meet.  His charisma and passion for the industry sets a standard that cannot be duplicated.  His unwavering attention to serving customers inspires all around him.  After many years of working and maintaining relationships in the green industry, he is a valued customer service representative and trusted advisor to all that he has had an opportunity to serve.  Mr. Davis has a support staff that augments every possible scenario for his customers to be successful and profitable. He has often has said, “One hand washes the other”.  In and of that statement/sentiment and love of the industry and all things green, Jeffery can always be counted on when you need somebody to trust and to go the extra mile on your behalf.  He is trusted and valued.  He continues to have an uncanny ability to feel or expect customer’s needs before they arise.  Green goods and commercial construction nation-wide is his specialty.  Just call Jeff when you need plants at the job-site and walk away happy.


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